Traditional Provencal cooking

To my grandmother Marie, mother courage and strong woman who, surrounded with her Constant husband and with his six children gave birth(rise) to the " Good-natured " in 1935.

Luc Giorsetti

After the disappearance of Constant in the 60s, Marie holds stoves as a real Leader until 1967. Then it is one of her children, Romain assisted by his wife Josette, who leads in a masterly fashion the restaurant during a half a century until 1998. Today, the third generation took over with Luc who manages the Provençal restaurant become real institution of the cooking bar in Cannes. Your host, fort of love of the job in the former surrounded himself with a team tuned to his expensive and faithful clientele.

Recipes concocted every day in a spirit of tradition and conviviality allying flavor, taste and pleasure. Products of country and season selected players every morning very close by, to the Market Forville of Cannes at the local producers, the craftsmen butchers, fishmonger or cheese makers for dishes which fill the papillae most gourmets.

Possible reservation only in passing to the restaurant in the street Meynadier because the telephone is here out of order since always!