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Our Story

Depuis 1935
Father and son,
third and fourth generation

The passion for cooking has been running through the veins of the Giorsetti family for four generations. Luc Giorsetti, heir to this love for gastronomy, took over the family restaurant, founded by his grandmother in 1935.

Third generation
Luc Giorsetti

After studying management and a stint at the Hotel Martinez (2* Michelin) under the tutelage of Christian Willer, Luc continued to train alongside his father, passing on the family culinary memories.

It was in 1999 that he took over the restaurant and strived, for two decades, to combine tradition and modernity while waiting for the arrival of his son Ugo, freshly graduated from the Institut Paul Bocuse.

Fourth generation
Ugo Giorsetti

Born in April 1998, in the apartments on the upper floors of the restaurant, Ugo wrote his first order form at the age of 6.

Naturally, at the age of 18, Ugo packed his bags to join the city of Lyon, the capital of gastronomy. After 4 years of training at the Institut Paul Bocuse, and with his diploma in hand, he headed to the Eden Rock of Saint Barthélemy in the Caribbean.

After 1 year on the island, Ugo joined the family restaurant in 2022 to perpetuate the family saga.

Papi & Mémé Marie
To my grandmother Marie, ...

…strong and courageous woman who, surrounded by her husband Constant and her six children, gave birth to “Les Bons Enfants” in 1935.

The disappearance of Constant in the 1960s did not make Marie give up, who continued to hold the stoves like a true Chef until 1967. Then it was one of her children, Romain, assisted by his wife Josette, who led the restaurant masterfully for half a century until 1998.

Today, the third generation has taken over with Luc who manages this Provençal restaurant which has become a true institution of bistro cuisine in Cannes, in respect of family values. Your host, strong in the love of the “old-fashioned” profession, has surrounded himself with a team attentive to his dear and loyal clientele.

Recipes prepared every day in a spirit of traditional cooking and conviviality combining flavor, taste and pleasure.

Local and seasonal products selected every morning nearby, at the Forville Market in Cannes, from local producers, butchers, fishmongers or cheesemakers for dishes that delight the palates of the most gourmet.

Des produits du terroir et de saison sélectionnés chaque matin tout près, au Marché Forville de Cannes, chez les producteurs locaux, les artisans bouchers, poissonniers ou fromagers pour des plats qui comblent les papilles des plus gourmets.

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